Sodium Metal (Pure) Na – High Grade Purity >99.8% – Natrium


Buy Sodium Metal (Pure) Na – High Grade Purity >99.8% – Natrium

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Product: Sodium Metal (Pure) Ingots

Quantity: Between 12.5g and 25g                                                                                       (Use the drop down menu above to chose amount)

Purity: >99.8% -Technical Grade – General Laboratory Use

Colour: Metallic – Lustrous when first cut, but dulls in air

Appearance: Soft Metallic Ingots / Pieces

(As per photos – The Photo images show pieces between 12g and 14g)

Formula: Na

Also called: Natrium (From The Latin)

These ingots are dispatched in a film of Paraffin Oil,  heat sealed in a double wrapped 400 gauge plastic.

As with all alkali metals – please expect some oxidation – you will receive slightly more than your purchase amount – this will allow for any oxidation.  Any oxidation is easily scraped / wiped off.


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12.5g, 25g